achieve your dreams!

Take control of your time

What is killing your dreams?

Time mismanagement is the number one thing killing dreams in the world today.

Why do we mismanage time?

Your brain tricks you into taking the path of least resistance. The brain likes to conserve energy and it is very persuasive in that aspect. …

Discipline is a skill that you build up. Motivation and inspiration are great tools when they are there, discipline is a way of life that will always be there.

The reinforcement effect

Whenever you do anything it reinforces the pathways in your brain. For example, you see your sink is…

Most are trapped in an endless cycle of self-analysis. The mind runs wild filling up with so much anxiety and fear that the body becomes frozen in turn.

I am not offering a solution to any problem, simply a perspective

You are trapped, trapped on this planet, inside of your house, inside of your own head. It does not have to be this way. You still have the most powerful thing in the universe, life.

You have the ability to feel, the ability to laugh and love and learn. The…

The door to success is open

One of the biggest mistakes that I have made in my life is waiting to be ready. Thinking that one day everything would fall into place and I would be left with the tools for success.

Well, the truth is that the tools for success have always been there. They…


The more chances you get to fail the better you will become!

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